“The Lies that Beckon”


All alone, you sit at night,

Conquering, that eternal fight.


What is right? What is wrong?

That same old, tired song.


In your heart, you know what’s true,

Despite the lies, that beckon you.


Turn away, hide the shame ,

Trying to, spread the blame.


No fool am I, be assured of this,

The keys are here, to a life of bliss.


Stuff your hate, deep below,

That part of you, is not for show.


Stubborn thoughts, eat your mind,

It’s not that hard, just be kind.


Look inside, don’t turn away,

Find that hope, for another day.


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  1. Another thoughtful, inspirational, well written message for all to contemplate 💕sometimes nights can be a sleepless and restless time when our own little world seems overwhelming.For me it is a wonderful time for prayer,

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  2. Wonderful poem Kevin, so important to each of us. The beautiful photo of balancing
    the smooth stones . An act of total concentration and calm.

    I love among others this stanza of yours :
    ” In your heart, you know what’s true,
    Despite the lies, that beckon you. ”

    This is the truth, to really dare listen to what your inner self tells you.


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    • Hi Miriam, thank you so much for your thoughtful insight into my poem. You are totally right, quite often – we only have to look inward to find the answer. And for some reason, many of us push it all down. Anyway, great to read your thoughts as usual. Thanks again for your kind words!

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  3. That is a fantastic poem, Kevin. You said it so well that in the end, it is me myself who keeps me from living. I think, this is the third post which reminds us that it is a choice we make either to walk in the sun or in the shadow.

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