California in HyperColor: The Lens of Imagination (Part I)

“Forever Sunset” (California)

Hello friends! This is my first post of 2020, so…Happy New Year!

Or – since it’s already the end of January – has the statute of limitations expired on wishing Happy New Year? Hmmmm. Things to ponder. haha 🙂 

I recently had a thought about why I like using so much color in my photos. It comes down to one word – imagination.

After I take a photo, I’m either immediately inspired by the image or not. It’s pretty instinctual.

“Drops of Life” (California)

And if I am inspired by an image, I’ll perform a bunch of editing. It’s not because there is something wrong with the natural image ‘as is’, but rather, I like to push the boundaries of shading, coloring and focus.

Basically, my end goal is to bring the image to a point where the reality of the landscape meets my imagination.

“Nature’s Palette” (California)

Speaking of imagination, some of the proudest moments I have as a dad, is when I see my two children using their imaginations. Whether it’s my daughter roaming around the house singing her own made-up song. Or my son creating an entire empire with two small toys, a matchbox car and a box of tissues. These moments are truly awesome! 🙂

My imagination has happily brought me through the first half of my life. And, I know for sure, it will do the same for the second half, and beyond.

“Clouds of the Mountain” (California)

“Thor’s Hammer” (California)

“Imagination Unfolds” (California)

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  1. Well, it’s February now, but Happy New Year, anyway. Lol!!
    Kevin, your photos are beautiful, art and just plain scrumptious.
    Your kids sound wonderful, and it always warms me when I know children’s creative energies are allowed to flourish! Father on, Kevin!

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  2. Hi Kevin…..Absolutely brilliant pictures! My favourite was the first one….Forever Sunset….Thanks for sharing….and…..Happy 2020 to you as well….May all your dreams come true! Angel hugs, Barbara xxx

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  3. Kevin, it is great to have you back, may your year continue the be happy.

    Thanks for explaining what lies behind your enhanced photography. It is the true artist
    within you expressing in stronger and vivid colours what you see and feel.
    Like in a painting. So very beautiful they are, makes the heart sing.

    It is a delight tin read about your children’s strong an happy imagination.


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    • Thanks so much, Miriam! You always have such kind thoughts to share. I always really enjoy reading your positive comments. I hope 2020 has been good to you thus far, and that your year ahead is filled with many beautiful and happy moments. 🙂

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  4. I think it’s excellent that you use the magic of colour to match your imagination, Kevin. ✨✨ It makes your works unique. How dull our world will become without imaginations?
    It’s great that your children are following your steps and embrace creativity.
    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Forever Sunset is my favourite among all the stunning photos. The scene makes me dream.
    Happy New Year! 🎈 (No, it’s not too late, we’re still in January) 😊

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  5. Congratulations Kevin on being true to yourself and giving your children the space to be themselves, it is freeing to express ourselves creatively, the younger we start the better, great photos!!

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  6. Kevin, looks like your instincts are guiding you well! The saturated tones are nice & rich, fit the scenes perfectly, and we get a warm vibe from it all. It’s obvious you’ve jazzed the colors, and that you’re illustrating something, in this case, your feeling about, and imaginative take on the scene, and that you’re not trying to represent this as an exact reproduction. These pictures always look to me like great posters for the good life on the West Coast. And great to hear about the kids enjoying their imaginations, too. Send all the warm colors you got! 🙂

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  7. Happy New Year! I just burst out laughing 😆 thinking about when my mom thought that random guy was you and went in for a tight hug! Lol but the guy embraced her! We need to get together soon! Hope you and the family are well xoxox Love, Amber 😊

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