Arizona’s Vast and Vivid Desert

“Ancient Skies” (Arizona, USA)

Hello Friends!

Hope everyone is doing excellent. 🙂

Life in Southern California has been pretty intense lately. In a span of two weeks, there were 2 massive wildfires within 10 miles of my home. From our house, we could see tons of smoke billowing into the otherwise blue skies. And, we caught a glimpse of some flames burning at the top of the surrounding mountains.

It was definitely scary!

But, thankfully, no harm to my family’s person or property.  And for those who were affected, my heartfelt compassion goes out to them. 🙂

“Mighty Mountain” (Arizona, USA)

A couple of months ago, my family and I went on a 5 hour road-trip through the desert to Arizona (Phoenix area).

I absolutely love Arizona. The landscape is breathtaking. And the towns and cities (for the most part) are clean, easy to navigate, and full of things to do and see.

Here are some photos I took while on my travels! I hope you enjoy the images.

Have a great day! 🙂

“Desert Heat Oasis” (Arizona, USA)

“Steel Horse” (Arizona, USA)

I couldn’t resist taking a shot of my car with the mountain in the background. I just thought it looked so cool. 🙂

“Cactus High” (Arizona, USA)

“Purple Night” (Arizona, USA)

“Living Ghost Town” (Arizona, USA)

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  1. I always think of the desert as being monochromatic, but when folks blog about the desert, it’s always astonishing to see how much colour there is. Your photos are gorgeous. I especially love the building with the LIVE REPTILE sign.

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    • Thanks so much! I know what you are saying. I used to think the same way. I spent most of my life living in New York and other northeast states. So, I had no firsthand desert experience, until I went on a vacation to New Mexico. Beautiful state! They have a desert area called White Sands National Park (check it out on Google, its’s wild how white the sand is.) Be well and stay safe in these crazy times! 🙂

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  2. So glad that you and your family are safe. So sad what’s going on in CA. I can’t ever remember fires like this when I lived there. Love the pictures of AZ. I lived in Mesa for 11 years. Very hot in the summer, but cheaper to live there than CA. Take care Kevin 🙂

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  3. Kevin, you take wonderful pictures. I am always so very impressed when I visit.
    OMG… the fires are awful. We are watching up here in Canada, mouths agape. You and your family, stay safe!!!

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    • Love all your photos . Arizona is just so amazing. Love the cactus photos. Dick’s brother had to evacuate their home in Santa Rosa because of the tragic fires. They are considering moving to Arizona because the fires have come so close more than once. Hello to Ellen and follow your passion Kevin.Wishing you the best.

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      • Thanks Linda! I had no idea that Dick’s brother lived in Santa Rosa. Glad to hear they are ok! That area (like my neck of the woods) has had way too many fires lately! Always nice to hear from you. Hope you guys are doing excellent. 😃


  4. Apache Junction and the Superstition Mountains present fabulous opportunities for photographs! It’s scientifically proven that Arizona has the most beautiful sunsets (due to the particular matter in the desert atmosphere. 🙂

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  5. Kevin, your photographs from this trip through the desert are wonderful. Awesomely quiet someohow but burning with heat. I do love the cacti, they are amazing in shape and size.
    I used to grow some on a window sill, the one related to those in your picture grew beyond itself and fell over from its own weight. …

    We have heard the news of your fires and how frightening it must have been to be so near. Also, what a blessing to have escaped damage.



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  6. Beautiful photos from Arizona, Kevin 😀
    I’m happy to hear, that you and your family are safe from all those terrible fires. I can’t avoid thinking of all the souls, as I know living in the area of California. So very sad.

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  7. Gorgeous photos – I love what you do with color in your pictures. I also live where the fear of fires and evacuation are a reality. Watching the nightly reports from California has been overwhelming and I’m glad to hear you’re safe.

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  8. It’s very sad to hear about the devastation caused by the wildfires. But it’s good to hear you and your family are well, Kevin. 💙

    Your photos are stunning as always. Purple Night is atmospheric and magical. Your car looks cool, so is the Ghost Town ✨💫🌟

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  9. Kevin. I am so glad that the fire missed your home and family, I have a blogging friend that lives in Orland that was effected by the Camp fire a couple of years ago, it is devastating to lose everything.

    What beautiful images of the valley, your car does look very cool in front of those mountains. There are so many areas in the state that have beautiful vistas and things to do, in fact I just discovered there’s an area not far from me in Flagstaff where you can see wild buffalo, elk, pronghorn and prairie dogs. Thank you for sharing a part of your family trip, I love my state.

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    • Hi Laura, thanks so much for the kind words and well wishes. That’s so cool – buffalo! We plan on visiting Flagstaff on our next trip to AZ. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Those stories are really horrible to hear. I really feel bad for people that have to endure something like that. Always great to hear from you!


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