California in HyperColor: The Lens of Imagination (Part 2)

“Wild Valley” (California)

Hello Friends!

I trust everyone is doing okay in these wild days! 🙂

I’m not here to bombard you with more Coronavirus stuff.  Every news outlet and social media platform on the planet inundates us enough with all of that helpful and – many times – not so helpful info.


“Nature’s Tower” (California)

So, instead of babbling about current events, I will just let my photos do the talking. These images were captured at amazing destinations that we visited during this global lockdown. Don’t worry – the locations were really remote, so we maintained a lot of distance from our fellow Homo sapiens. 

Stay safe and healthy mi amigos! 🙂

“Sunset Escape” (California)


“Empire of Wind” (California)

“MarsScape” (California)

“Forest of Oz” (California)


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  1. one day, Kevin, when we get over this, there will be some great stand up comedy about corona — or maybe there won’t; maybe it’s too tragic, taken too much of a toll; maybe there are some topics that just don’t lend themselves to humour?

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  2. These are powerful images that bring light to our world. Love the colour compositions. Vivid, vibrant, and full of hope. Sending best wishes to you and your family, Kevin! 🎈✨

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  3. Kevin, what a treat of a post – the photos are glorious and bursting with life, spirit and energy! What wonderful and remote landscapes for you and the family to enjoy during these difficult times. Thank you for sharing here. Take care.

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  4. Wonderful to hear from you again, Kevin. I am glad you and your family found so many places to visit. Talk about ‘Social distancing’ 😊, you certainly don’t seem to have that problem in this wonderful nature.
    All your photos are great but my favourite is also “Nature’s Tower”. The incredible colours highlight the beauty of the tree and thus also the sky.
    Blessings to you and your whole family.


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  5. Hypnotizing images- I was thinking of using the last one as a desktop background 🙂
    The blue of the sky in that one is gorgeous!
    Awesome photos!

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  6. Gorgeous photos Kevin. I’m glad you and your family have gotten out into so many beautiful places. I am not buying the virus line but since my life is so focused on my spiritual work and has been isolated for quite awhile it isn’t really different for me. I still enjoy my walks and travels, too.

    Take care and continue to enjoy!

    Love, katelon

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  7. Your pictures were amazing. Thank you!

    We are in Bradenton/Sarasota and enjoy the beautiful sunsets here too!

    Imagine you have adjust to CA living nicely. Hope all is well with you & family!

    All my best, Carolyn Reis (Carroll)

    Anna Marie Island FL


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  8. Yeah, that’s right. You stay in your lane, Photo Boy!!

    Seriously though, thanks for the cool post and I hope you and your family are all doing great. (You can thank Coronavirus for getting you out of at least two invites to see our band at the Viper Room! Someday soon though…)

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