Summer in California: Mountains, Sea and Desert

“The Blue and Green of Solitude”

Hi Friends! Hope everyone is hanging in there during these weird times. And when I say weird, I mean insane! haha

One silver lining of all the restrictions on indoor events – I’ve converted that inside time to outdoor exploration.

“Skyward Escape”

My family and I visited some amazing places over the last couple of months. All within a few hours’ drive of our home. Here are some of the shots I took.

Hope you all enjoy the images and find inspiration. 🙂

Be well everyone! See ya soon. 🙂

“Sun Upon the Horizon”

“Prehistoric Majesty”

“Let the World Pass By”

“Abandoned, Not Forgotten”

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  1. Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:
    My Featured Blogger this week is Kevin Hotter of Kevin Hotter. Odd, who would name their blog site after themselves? Oh, yeah, me. Which isn’t the only thing we have in common: We’re both professional writers and humorists (Kevin does stand-up, I used to), and we both love photography. I’m into moving pictures and Kevin excels in the art of still photography, with a special love for California’s dramatic beauty. Which is something else we have in common (I lived in California most of my life).

    Oh, and one more thing: We both began blogging late in the summer of 2014 and soon discovered each other, long before anyone else had, and quickly became friends–and we still are. It’s time you discovered Kevin Hotter!

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    • That’s my sentiment exactly. Each of those landscapes offers a different aesthetic. Sometimes I am in the mood for the lush green mountains, and other times, it’s nice to see the rocky, sandy, brown terrain of a desert. Thanks so much for your comment and kind words! 🙂

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  2. Wow! Of course, I find a lot of inspirations from your beautiful images, Kevin 🌟✨

    Sun Upon the Horizon and Skyward Escape are just breathtaking 😍 I’m amazed that you found such lovely spots during these “weird” times. Have fun! 😊

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  3. Excellent photos, excellent captions! Man that first shot, I can see myself in a hot air balloon, just drifting over those mountains. I’ll just snag some propane tanks, whenever I go over someone’s grill, and stay up there all summer. You really outdid yourself with these photos!

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  4. Pure magic, Kevin!😀 The photos are enthralling and the tranquility of the first one is now set as my Home Screen (hope that’s okay?). I love how the blue of the sky merges into becoming the blue of the mountain…incredible. I’m glad you and the family have had a chance to venture out far nearby. Thank you for sharing your fascinating and beautiful part of the world – reckon I’ll be armchair travelling for quite a while longer. Take care!

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  5. All so beautiful!!! Kevin, Remember we were going to go to a concert in April?!! Who knew!!!!please give my best to your beautiful family. ????

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    • Hey Homeyra, I *do* remember those plans. Very disappointed that we couldn’t go and enjoy some Pink Floyd. Thanks for the kind words. Great to hear from you. Give my best to Parviz from the Hotter family. Hopefully we will see you sooner rather than later. 🙂


      • Kevin: I wondered when you’d be back, all the while knowing you must be busy. I’m going to start a, Copywriting Website, in a few weeks so I’ll let you know the title, etc. when I’ve got things moving along and in some order. I’ve never used Windows 10 so I’ve been studying it just as, and in time, for WordPress to throw the new, BLOCK EDITOR, at us. It’s killing me! Anyway, always enjoy your work and thanks for stopping by, Elm Drive Images.

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  6. Gorgeous scenes and colors! Loved looking through them. My favorites are Abandoned, Not Forgotten (recalling roads taken as a family when us kids were young, road trips years apart) and Sun Upon the Horizon (the brilliant golden path from sun to water, gold spreading on the horizon to either side). Love what you do with the intensity of the colors.

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    • Thank you for those kind words! Yeah, I love the road shot too. That street was destroyed by a flood. Now, in certain parts, half the road is missing and it is scattered below in a dry riverbed. Felt like I was n some post-apocalyptic movie when I hiked it. haha 🙂

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