California Awakens: Beaches. Deserts. Sunsets.

“Heartbeat” (California)

Hello friends! Hope everyone is doing excellent. 🙂

Here in California, things are finally getting back to somewhat normal.

People are living their lives again. Enjoying the sunshine! Eating out. Drinking under the stars. Even Disneyland is welcoming back visitors.

“Desert Snowflakes” (California)

It’s not been an easy 14 months. Even for me, an eternal optimist. I have to say, this crazy year has left an indelible mark upon my soul. That may be a slight exaggeration, but you get my point. haha

I’m just ready to rock n’ roll again!

Here are a few photos I’ve snapped over the past few months. Hope you enjoy the images! 🙂

“Salt of the Earth” (California)
“Mini Kingdom” (California)
“Evening’s End” (California)

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  1. I’ve seen salt flats in Utah, but the salt wasn’t in this granular/crystalline form, very cool! Yes, very definitely ready for reawakening and R&R, it’s been a strange time, but so great to see things opening up and the possibility of traveling again.

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  2. Hello Kevin…..Such beautiful images….so lovely in a time of upheaval to just bear witness to Nature and her beauty! It reminds us that beauty is all around us….no matter what….and all we need to do is to tap into it, notice it…and breathe it in!
    Thank you for sharing….Many hugs, Barbara from Sydney xoxoxo

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    • Hi Barbara, always so great to hear from you and read your uplifting words. Hope all is well in Sydney! Visiting Australia is a goal of mine, and I hope to get there sooner than later. I’ll definitely let you know when my family and I make our voyage to the Land Down Under. 🙂


  3. Great pictures Kevin! Love it!
    Let’s hope the coronavirus will disappear so we can enjoy life to the max!
    And we can finally meet up again 🙂

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  4. Love the heartbeat photo Kevin . Great capture. Glad things are finally starting to open up. Stay well and enjoy your hobby.

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    • Thank you! Actually, those are not winter photos at all. It’s salt! I know, surprising! When we saw the salt flats for the first time, we were shocked too. Those were taken in Death Valley (hottest recorded temperature ever).

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