Fear and Love

“Soulshine” (California, USA)

The years fly by, like windy rain;

Ups and downs, joy and pain.


Jokes and lies, smiles and tears;

All awhile, they sell you fears.


You grab a hand; hold it tight;

Don’t let go, grip with all your might.


You stand alone, on the mountain top;

Just waiting for, the world to stop.

Stop you wonder, what I mean;

Take a second, to think what you’ve seen.


A world obsessed with power and fear;

Emerging from every sphere.


Look inside, find your truth;

Behind my eyes, feel the proof.


Each time you laugh, my heart forgets to beat;

To see you smile, makes the world so sweet.

Today is here, tomorrow’s not;

So, go ahead, give love a shot.




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  1. Hi Kevin….I totally agree….only when out in Nature do I feel free….from all that is currently flowing around me….My core is strong, but, it Does need to be replenished! Thanks for the reminder to smile and to laugh! I do this a lot, and I share it often! Hugs and love from Barbara in Sydney xoxoxo

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  2. Kevin, your post is a gem. Photos speak so clear themselves and spread beauty among us.
    Your poem is both beautiful and deep. Showing a world obsessed with power and fear and then pointing us to go and give love a shot.

    I say a resounding yes to that.


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