Amazing Technicolor: California Livin’ (#Hyper-Realism #Photos)


“Life of Luxury” (California, USA)

Our imaginations allow us to explore endless versions of reality. I’m a huge proponent of letting your imagination run wild with possibilities.

These photos are my attempt to see reality through the eyes of my imagination.

Have a great weekend everyone!

“Tall” (California, USA)


“Reclaimed Water”

"Quack" (California, USA)

“Quack” (California, USA)

“Life’s Illusion” (California, USA)

"Green n' Gray" (California, USA)

“Green n’ Gray” (California, USA)

"Ice" (California, USA)

“Ice” (California, USA)

47 thoughts on “Amazing Technicolor: California Livin’ (#Hyper-Realism #Photos)

    1. Thanks, Marje! I use several different editing apps, including Photoshop. Sometimes, I will edit an image in one app. Then take that edited image, and do even more manipulation in another app. I’m wild like that! haha Have a great day!

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      1. Hot. Hot. And some more…hot. This week has been very, very hot. In fact, on Saturday, we were shopping near our house in an area where the temperature reached 44 degrees (Celsius). I live in Los Angeles, but in an area known as the San Fernando Valley. It is hot, and dry there. And always sunny. πŸ™‚ I love it.

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      2. That’s interesting. California has very little humidity despite having 1,350km of coastline. California has a so-called Mediterranean climate. That’s probably why the state is so over crowded and has so much traffic! People like the weather! I grew up in New York State. The summers were very hot and humid. Lots of Mosquitos

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