California: A Surreal Reality (#Photos #Hyper-Realism)


“Four Angles – Four Treasures” (California, USA)

The images you come across in California are often surreal without any sort of photo manipulation. But, that does not stop me from editing and playing around with my favorite photo tools. 🙂

I am constantly searching for new ways to take everyday images, and turning them into something you’d see in your dreams. These photos are a result of that effort. I hope you enjoy them.

“Beauty of the Eye” (California, USA)

“Sun and Sand” (California, USA)


“Summer Bubbles” (California, USA)


“The Sun Will Shine” (California, USA)

And…to everyone who visits my site –  

 —- Thank You!! From my heart to yours!


“A Sweet Escape” (California, USA)


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  1. Great images – particularly like the composition and hues in “Summer Bubbles” and “The Sun will shine” – a good reminder because of our rain-ridden days here at the moment! 🙂

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    • Hey Mitch, it certainly does. Thanks again for the writing challenge – sorry I have not gotten to it yet. The last few months have been very, very busy for me. For a variety of reasons. Hence, why I have not been posting as frequently. But, I have every intention of taking on the challenge from your post. I will get to it, for sure. Have a good one, man.


  2. Not sure who said it, but it’s true that there is no true photograph, only the photographer’s interpretation of what he or she saw. Whether that vision is straight out of the camera or modified in post, it is all art. These works put the exclamation point on that thought. Nice work.

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    • Wow, thank you John! You share my sentiment. I love photos in all forms. So true — it is all about the vision of the photographer, and if they can show you what they saw. That’s where the connection comes from. The art. 🙂 Have a great day, man!

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