An Inspirational Open Letter to My Future Teenage Daughter (on Her 4th Birthday)

“Sienna” (Stevenson Ranch, CA)

My daughter Sienna just turned 4 years old. And, I want to do something special. So, I decided to write this letter. I’d love for her to read these inspirational words when she’s a teen. Those  amazing – but sometimes difficult – years.

Dear Sienna –

Wow. I can’t believe it. You’re a teenager.  Gone are the days of Minnie Mouse dresses. And you begging to watch 5 more minutes of My Little Pony.

You’ve grown into –  and continue to become –  a smart, fun and beautiful young woman. Words do no justice in explaining what you mean to me. My first child. My only daughter. My sunshine.

I wrote this letter when you turned 4. A magical age where you truly came into your own.

Who knows what crazy things have happened in this world in the last ten years. What kind of mess humankind has got themselves into. And technology. Oh boy. I can only imagine what now captivates our attention.

The teens are an interesting period in your life. You’re asserting your independence. But, you still need mom and dad for a lot of things. And we need you. Now, and always.

While you travel life’s path, always remember to seek happiness. And no matter what adventures you embark upon, know this. I will always have your back. No matter what.

When times are tough. And you feel sad. Or mad. Or just – stuck. I want you to read this letter. And remember these three things.

Be Empathetic

The world needs more empathy. So, before you judge others. Place yourself in their situation. That may be difficult. But, if you really want to connect with people. Do your best to see the world through their eyes.

No one says you have to agree with everyone. Or even like everyone. Just don’t judge too harshly or quickly. That kind of behavior gets us in trouble.

If you realize someone is not a right fit for you. That’s your prerogative. And if that’s the case. Just walk away.

But, always do your best to conduct yourself with respect and kindness. If you do that, you’ll lead a more fulfilling life.

Love Yourself

You are good enough. Always remember that. Never allow the doubters or haters to disrupt your self-esteem. Perfection does not exist. It’s a concept not grounded in reality.

Life will be great. Then hard. Then okay. Then, great again. And that’s how it goes. Truly, life is a roller coaster. Ups and downs. Circles. And loopity-loops.  But, through it all – you must love yourself.

And if you love yourself. The ups are grand. And the downs are not so bad.

Remember, my dear Sienna. You’re an amazing person, who will experience fantastic opportunities. Keep your head high. And your spirit even higher.

Have Fun

This should come as no surprise. But, for me. The most important lesson is this – have fun! And laugh. Don’t take life, or yourself, too seriously. If you can find the humor in any situation, then your life will be much smoother.

I know you well. You love life. And you love to laugh. So keep doing it. And show the world your beautiful smile!

Love Always –

Papa xoxoxox





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    • Hey Vijay! Thanks dude, I appreciate it. And so does Sienna! Before I became a dad, I worked with this guy who said to me once “I take being a dad very seriously.” And when I became a father, I knew exactly what he meant. I have the privilege of raising two kids – Sienna and Flynn (1 yrs old). And, I want to make sure I give them as much as love and support as I can. On a different note – I love your blog. I get news and info that I would normally never hear about. Keep up the great work!

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  1. This was a great read!! One of the best letter a daughter ever received from her most dearest love, her Father!!! She’ll seriously need this at that moment of time and will be motivated n inspired everytime she take a look on 😇😃😊

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    • Thank you so much for your awesome comment! I just wanted her to know that life can be difficult, but that she has all the tools to overcome any obstacle. But more importantly, I wanted Sienna to know that I love her with all my heart and soul.

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      • And I truely believe that she’ll surely understand it..😊 As a daughter I very well understand all the struggles my father deals with and that too ,they are mainly for me!! And that’s really very great of you explaining her all the obstacles she may face as a Teen, it’s the time when , especially Girls, think we are the most misunderstood person in the world, she’ll find it the best gift and companion..

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    • Hi Ipuna! Thank you. This world is so crazy sometimes, so I just wanted to make sure Sienna had a letter to read to gain some inspiration. I’m so glad that people enjoyed this letter. I really had no idea how everyone would respond. But, I guess when you speak from the heart in a loving manner – people respond in a positive way. You too – enjoy your weekend!

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      • Yes! I agree. I believe people recognize when something comes from the heart. That letter was from the heart, and there is something so special about a daddy/daughter relationship! ❤️😍

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  2. What a beautiful letter to your sunshine….it just shows what an incredible father you are. She is stunning and so fortunate to have you. I love everything about this, so much so, I cried reading it. If my Dad would’ve had half of your love I think my childhood would’ve been so much happier. But, no regrets, we are good now and that’s what matters with my Dad and I. Enjoy those dear moments with Sienna which I know you will. 🙂

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    • Hi Lennon, thank you for sharing your kind and personal thoughts. Very touching that you cried. I just tried my best to speak from the heart. Interestingly, Sienna was sitting next to me while I wrote it. She was demanding cookies and TV, but I held strong. No cookies. But I caved on the TV. Had to finish my post! haha Happy to hear that you and your Dad have a relationship. It’s all about letting go, and asking yourself what you want for your present, and future. Always awesome to hear from you! Good luck with the new, new job! 🙂


  3. A beautiful letter for a beautiful little lady.. Inspirational thoughts are a welcomed message in this world that, at the moment, has gone a little crazy. Children deserve to know they are loved, respected and wished a lifetime of happiness. Sienna, I am sure, will treasure these words as she matures. The fact that they come from her dad makes them even more precious. If I added anything to your thoughts it would be that she should remember that prayer and Faith play an important role in guiding her through life’s journey. You have a wonderful gift and once again your words resonate with so many people..

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    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful, and kind comment! You are absolutely right – children need the foundation of love and respect. Because without it, they can grow into adults that may have to seek love and respect in unhealthy manners. I hope Sienna always knows she is loved and cherished. I’ll always do my part to ensure she knows how much joy she brings to this world. 🙂


  4. Kevin, this letter to your daughter Sienna is just beautiful. She will treasure it for life.
    Keep her grounded and flying. Self assured , yet not haughty. Love her friends and understand but not be led.
    Through it all have a Papa who always is there and shows by example.

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  5. Beautiful letter, Kevin, and I’m sure she will treasure it always. If more dads would write their daughters letters like this one then you would have a whole lot of self confident young women not looking for love in all the wrong places.

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    • Hi Michele! Thank you! I agree. I make sure my daughter knows she is loved and valued. And not just from my wife and I. But that she possesses all of the love and value from within as well. Great to hear from you!


  6. Happy 4th birthday Sienna. Hope you can read my greeting to you when you reach the age of 14th . Your dad is very proud writing a beautiful letter showing to the world how proud he is to have a beautiful daughter like you . Wish you the best and god bless you.

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  7. Hi Kevin and Sienna…..I absolutely LOVED your letter! So full of love and wisdom! You are a wonderful Papa! Sending you both, and your family, love and hugs from Australia! Have a fabulous week! Barbara xxxxx

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  8. This is great, Kevin, very neat idea, very well done. And your daughter looks like a very sweet kid, I’m sure at four she’s already developing a wonderful sense of empathy, and will turn out to be a wonderful adult — once the teen years/weird hairstyles/ hideously embarrassing parents/backing over the mailbox with Mom’s car/etc. days are over!

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  9. I love, love, LOVE this post! You are the best papa a girl could ever wish for and we love you so much! Thanks so much for these loving, wise and inspirational words X

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  10. That was fantastic, well written, and came from your heart. I have two sons who are grown, but I now have a brand new granddaughter. The words you wrote are timeless. Do you mind if I take some of your points, and maybe save them for when she’s a teenager? Thank you.

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    • Hey Patrick! Thanks man. This was a fun piece to write. Got a little choked up a few times. haha. Of course, please share with your granddaughter. I’m honored that you would share my words with her. Have a great day!! And thanks again 🙂


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