Utah’s Treasure: Zion National Park

“Empire of Stone” (Zion NP, USA)

Hi Friends! It’s been a long time (again.) The past few months have been intense, to say the least. 

Since stand-up comedy has taken a backseat (because the clubs are not open) and the world is becoming more insane by the day — I thought to myself, what can I do that’s constructive? Then it hit me – let’s study for 4 months. Great idea? Nope, but I did it anyway. haha 

As many of you know, I’m an attorney, but I am not licensed in California (I’m licensed in New York and Arizona). California, unlike most states, forces “out of state” attorneys to to take the CA Bar Exam. Most states allow out-of-state lawyers to get a license by waiving-in.

Essentially, “waiving-in” allows you to forgo the Bar exam (which you’ve already passed in another state), but you must complete a moral character application (i.e. extremely thorough background investigation.)  But, sunny California does not allow anyone to waive-in.

“Bridge to Eternity” (Zion NP, USA)

So, basically, all I’ve been doing is studying these past few months (in between the rest of my adult responsibilities.) 

It’s been fine – I guess. Actually, it was super annoying. haha

But, I made it! The 6.5 hour test was this past Monday and Tuesday. 

Luckily, I did have a few breaks.  Back in August – my family and I took a road trip to Utah. There, we visited a few places, but the highlight was Zion National Park. What a cool park. Really beautiful (and super HOT!). 

Anyway – I hope everyone is doing excellent! I really mean it.  (And, if you say you really mean something, it means, you really, really mean it. haha)

Have a  great weekend! I hope you enjoy the photos I took. 🙂 

“Funnel to Sky” (Zion NP, USA)

“Wild West Wilderness” (Zion NP, USA)

“Enchanted Fortress” (Zion NP, USA)

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  1. Delighted you did that! Hope they find your moral character good enough for CA.

    Beautiful images of Zion! And it is crazy hot there, that’s true haha. We have stayed in St. George a couple of times. Great location, close to the most beautiful National parks.

    Stay safe, and best of luck with the application.

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  2. Hi Kevin! These photos are absolutely beautiful…so soulful….I really like them….I am thrilled you have also been able to do your studies…and I know you’ll do great! Good for you! Sending you some hugs from Sydney, Barbara xxx

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  3. Another wonderful family trip and beautiful photos to remember and enjoy for years to come. So very glad the “exam” is behind you and please God the results will be terrific!!

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  4. Congratulations, Kevin! What a wonderful achievement! ✨✨ your photographs are stunning as always, which perfectly showcase the magnificent landscapes in the States. Your photographical style is unique and recognisable. Love it 📸🌟Sending lots of love and best wishes to you and your family 🎈🎈

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  5. My Arizona sister and I take a “sisterly adventure” every year in her motor home. On the last adventure we had no itinerary, but every morning took out a map and our weather app. and found out where rain was NOT predicted that day – there was always just one direction to go. Our weather app directed us through Utah – what a gorgeous place! Zion was especially breathtaking.

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  6. Hi Kevin. Congratulations and good luck with the attorney business – might be good to have some humour in the court!
    I have been thinking of all of you what with the fires and everything else. Wishing you and your family safe travels. The world is an uneasy place at the moment, but hopefully if we can work together we will all be better off. Take care. BTW love the bridge to eternity

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  7. Kevin! I was really glad to see this post (really)(how do we express sincerity in emails??)
    Zion is an amazing place. I visited there with my Utah aunt/uncle when I was a kid, and loved it, impossible to forget that place. You did a great job with these photos, fantastic shots.
    Fingers crossed for the bar exam, but having already passed NY must give you a big shot of confidence.
    NY “…discuss in detail the legal consequences of any proposed course of conduct…”
    CA “…dude this is heavy yadadamean but truly strive for a mellow vibe for all…”

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    • Haha, thanks man! Yeah, Zion is remarkable. The heat was pretty intense, but living in Santa Clarita, I’ve gotten used to the heat. It reached 115 degrees this August at my house. Thanks for the well wishes on my exam! Great to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well.


  8. Hi Kevin. Congratulations!! So happy to know you took the exam. What a relief!! Wish you all the success.

    Yes. The world is insane. Remember we were going to meet in April?!!!! Give my best to your beautiful family. ?

    Get Outlook for Android


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    • Hey Homeyra, I know it’s insane! Of course, we were gonna see the Pink Floyd tribute band. Man, I would love to attend a concert! Anyway, thanks so much for reaching out! See ya soon, hopefully.


  9. Beautiful photos Kevin as usual.Glad you can get out and see some of the beauty of nature. Wishing you the best with the results of the Bar exam.
    Stay well, hi to Ellen, Do good things.
    Linda Adams

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  10. Congratulations! I was glad to see a post from you again and as always, I love your pictures! They are stunning! Love them all but my favorite is the WWW, Wild West Wilderness, the view, the colors!

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  11. Kevin, it’s always a delight to hear from you and enjoy your photographic vision 🙂 Congrats on finally taking California’s Bar Exam! Wishing you a positive outcome.
    As always, your landscapes are stunning. My favorite is the “Bridge to Eternity.”

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  12. Wow! Magnificent photos – I really mean it 😉 (You knew someone had to do that, right?) Congratulations on taking the exam, Kevin! Hope things open up after the election and you can get back to doing stand-up again.

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  13. So did you pass the test? I know my son had said that becoming a mental health counselor in CA required much more than in other states, too.

    Beautiful photos of Zion. I hiked in many, many years ago as a 12 or so year old, but drove through it in 2012 on my way to St. George. It is so beautiful. I have been to the Arches, too, and driven through the Moab area. I want to see Bryce Canyon, too. Did you go there? The Grand Staircase would be nice, too.

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    • Thank you! 🙂 I find out the results in January. Yes, that long! It’s crazy. I’ll need a mental health counselor to cope with the waiting haha. We didn’t make it to Bryce. We would have gone, but the kids were done with hiking in the heat. So to ensure the sanity of my wife and I, we skipped Bryce (this time.) We actually stayed in St. George. Nice town. Hope all is well!

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  14. Congrats Kevin on all of your studies and taking the bar exam, I am sure it was a challenge but you did it!! Thanks for sharing the photos of Utah’s Zion National Park, they are beautiful. Have a great weekend.

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